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Hungarian Spectrum

A blog about current Hungarian affairs.

The link address is:

Hungarian Spectrum

Posted by Anonymous User at 2009-07-08 02:23

This oddly named blog does not represent Hungary and has nothing to do with "spectrum". It's only an ultra-liberal brainwashing group, lead by Eva S Balogh. They are preaching tolerance, but don't tolerate the views of others. They try to pose as "experts" on Hungarian affairs, but know very little about the country, and not interested in the truth. They support a corrupt, failing government, despise freedom and not interested in any arguments. If you visit this blog, remember, it represents only the views of a few anti-Hungarians.

Eva Balogh's blog

Posted by Anonymous User at 2009-07-11 19:19

An obsessive hater of Hungarians, Christianity and the family unit, among other things, this woman Eva Balogh is a Jewish communist lesbian who seems to be on the job on her blog 24/7. Do not expect to get in a single comment that does not support her intention to do as much harm to the international reputation of Hungary as she can. She seems to review postings regularly, and she deletes messages she missed that damage her own (very incompetent) arguments.

Reply to comment

Posted by Anonymous User at 2009-07-12 12:02

"An obsessive hater of Hungarians, Christianity and the family unit, among other things, this woman Eva Balogh is a Jewish communist lesbian"

The contributor writing that is an idiot.

Idiotic comments

Posted by Anonymous User at 2011-02-16 12:09

You are being generous in your assessment of that comment. There are stronger words that come to mind than simply an idiot.

Eva's Blog

Posted by Anonymous User at 2011-02-16 12:07

She actually represents the views of many Hungarian's. Currently Fidesz only has the support of about 25% of all eligible voters. That leaves a sizable part of the population that might share her views.

It is rather sophomoric to suggest that criticism of a ruling party equals hatred of Hungary. There is plenty to love about Hungary's culture, people, music, literature, science, etc. even if you are critical of its politics.

She only deletes those comments that are abusive. So, you can't call people faggots, etc. on her blog. She, welcomes views that are counter to hers as long a they are written with some modicum of respect.


Posted by Anonymous User at 2011-12-25 08:52

It's definitely a terrific blog-exceptionally well informed and researched. She is liberal, of course, so if you're on the right in Hungarian politics she's sure to drive you crazy. But as an expat who has lived in Hungary for over ten years, I still learn a lot from her. And most certainly she does represent the views of many Hungarians-practically all the ones I know-which is an admittedly narrow group of academics, artists and other intellectuals. Given the attack on all but the ruling party's media outlets these days, Eva provides a welcome source of alternative commentary.