Tibi Chocolate Tablets

2007. October • 12.

In the year 1883 Frigyes Stühmer extended his company established in 1868 with a steam driven chocolate factory introducing large scale chocolate production in Hungary. In 1941 the biggest chocolate factory in the country, being one of the most modern in Europe, was erected in Vágóhíd street, in the 9th. district of Budapest, starting the production of Tibi chocolate, which was named after the grandson of the founder and thus it started its successful history in 1942. Nowadays tibi chocolate is available in 100 dkg packages with some other changes: the ribbed pattern has been changed to a checked one, and alongside with the already existing traditional dark chocolate, milk and other type of cream filled chocolate have been put on the market. You can choose from among 16 different kinds of tibi chocolate according to your taste and this range is supplemented in the different periods of the year with seasonal products as well.

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