Árvay & Co. Winery – Tokaj

2007. July • 22.

Árvay worked as chief winemaker for the French-owned insurance conglomerate AXA, for almost ten years in their Disznókő Winery. As chief winemaker, his wines won critical acclaim from international experts all over the world, including gold medals at Bordeaux Vinexpo and New York Wine Experience. Árvay & Co. owns twenty seven parcels totaling over 110 ha (220 acres), of which almost 80% is planted in vines. These parcels have been vineyards for hundreds of years and are dispersed among seven villages within the Tokaj appellation. They include terroir varying from steep mountainside slopes on Mount Hétszőlő to the gently undulating hills of Istenhegy on the outskirts of Mád. The resulting Tokaji aszú wines are marketed as Hétfürtös (Seven Clusters) Wines. The center of the company is a centuries-old historical building in the ancient town of Tokaj, which has been renovated into a state-of-the-art winery. The wines are barrel aged in its cellar of caves, carved into the hillside and under the cobble-stone streets, dating back to the sixteenth century.

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