Festivalcity – Budapest Festival Center

2007. April • 9.

As of January 1, 1996 the Budapest Festival Center Kht. has been the official organizer of various cultural events of the Municipality of Budapest. Since its establishment, the office has maintained good work relationship with similar international and Hungarian program offices, and has organized festivals. Since 1996, the three major annual festivals of Budapest, the Spring Festival, the Budapest Fair and the Autumn Festival have been organized, as exclusive coordinator, by the Budapest Festival Center Kht. The office operates according to the concept of “Budapest- A Festival City”. Due to our accomplishments, Budapest has gained world-wide recognition as a city of arts and culture, and our vision is to rank Budapest among the leading cultural capitals of Europe. To a varying extent, the Budapest Festival Center Kht. participates in every cultural event taking place in Budapest. The site is also available in Russian.

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