TaxiPlus – Taxi Services

2009. April • 25.

Experienced, friendly and english speaking drivers waiting for your order nonstop. As the company has a big amount of cabs and and drivers are experienced, TaxiPlus can arrive on the spot you asked in 4-10 minutes inside Budapest, from countryside 15-30. Services also include — Chauffeur services: If you drunk some alcohol it’s available to call TaxiPlus to drive you home. Cabs for weddings: TaxiPlus undertake to organize the transportation of weddings, conferences and any other events with luxury cars or any other car type the client need. Package delivery: the drivers of the company deliver your packages or any other things in case you don’t want to travel. Sightseeing: for request TaxiPlus assures English, German or Russian speaking drivers who guide you around the city. Airport transfer form Pest and Buda.

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