2008. July • 15.

A boutique tour company based in Budapest specializing in food and wine tours offering intimate travel experiences, which are the polar opposite of the type of tour where you sit in a bus with little personal contact and no experience with the local culture other than seeing it through the window. Budapest Market Tours: The 19th century Central Market Hall is one of Budapest’s top tourist attractions, even for those who aren’t all that interested in food. Pálinka Tastings: Pálinka tastings in Budapest led by a a pálinka expert/author, Tours and tastings at pálinka distilleries in the countryside. Wine Trips: Two and three day wine trips to some of Hungary’s best wine regions: Villány and Szekszárd; The Northern Trans-Danubian Area, including the regions of Ászar-Neszmély, Pannonhalma, and either Etyek or Tök; Tokaj; Eger; Several distinct regions around Lake Balaton.

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