The examinations confirmed that this water contains Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Hydrogen-carbonate and Sulphide ion. Due to this it appertains to the group of the sulphurous mineral water. The founts attend the bath lying on an 11 hectare area, which contains: an open-air divided pool, water temperature: 33-37 Co, sizes: 50x30m, 1,3m deepness, an open-air pool, water temperature: 37Co, sizes: 7x12m, 1,m deepness, a wave pool, water temperature: 24 Co, sizes: 50x20m, 0,2-2,5m deepness, a round pool, water temperature: 24 Co, sizes: 64m caliber, 1-1,4 m deepness, a three-piece indoor pool, water temperatures: 36 Co, 38 Co, 40 Co, sizes: 20x11m, 0,8 m deepness, an indoor swimming pool, water temperature: 24-26 Co, sizes: 33×17 m and the therapeutic pools: a weight bath, five bathtub with water-jet, cab for mud-pack and massage and a sauna. The site is also available in Polish language.

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