The buildings of the Disznókő vine-estate are some of the most magnificent and spectacular vinicultural buildings in Hungary and in Central-Europe. The oldest parts of the building-group were built at the end of the 18th century. The Yellow Wine House, the belvedere standing on top of the hill and the Baroque style watchtower a bit further above the vineyards are all reminiscent of the long past. The new elements of the building-group, the wine-press house and the tractor garage were built according to the plans of Ybl-prize winning architect Dezső Ekler in 1995. Disznókő is one of the ancient estates of the wine region where you can get to know the method of making Tokaj wines, the modern wine-making and the most magnificent Tokaj wines during a walk on the estate and wine-tasting in the cellar, which can be crowned by a feast of regional dishes in the Yellow Wine House Inn.

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