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Nonprofit Information & Training Center by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The mission of the Nonprofit Information and Training Center Foundation is to strengthen civil society in Hungary by providing capacity building services to the non-governmental organizations and by building an environment supportive of the long-term future of NGOs.
Portal of the Hungarian Civil Sector by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
This site attempts to supply Hungarian organizations with guidelines and information for their work, as well as to provide information about the Hungarian nonprofit sector to visitors from abroad. English speakers now have the opportunity to find partner organizations and access information about the Hungarian nonprofit sector at, which includes informational materials and links to Hungarian nonprofit organizations. English data is organised into the following categories: 1% (Searchable database of NGOs eligible for receiving 1%, guide of donation to taxpayers and to employers), Studies (studies about Hungary in English), Database of nonprofit organisations ( Searchable database containing information on 6,500 nonprofit organisations, including contact information, economic figures, and descriptions of the work and projects of individual organisations.), Websites of nonprofits - (links to NGO homepages)
Non-governmental Organizations by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
Hungarian Direct Selling Association by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The Hungarian Direct Selling Association (DSA) was formed in April 1993 by 8 founding member companies in order to represent the interests of the direct selling industry, to inform the public, legislators and media on direct selling, to promote the highest ethical standards of direct selling practices through the industry Codes of Conduct
Hungarian Publishers' and Booksellers' Association by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The market organization of Hungarian publishing and book trade is one of the oldest professional associations in Europe. It is the civil organization with the longest tradition in Hungary which was founded fifty years earlier than the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Its first legal successor, the Body of Pest Booksellers was founded in 1795. The voluntary Association is made up of companies in Hungarian, foreign or joint ownership which represent 92% of the publications and production in the Hungarian book market. Currently MKKE has 140 members.
Association of Hungarian Restorers by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The ASSOCIATION OF THE HUNGARIAN RESTORERS is the professional association and interest representation of qualified restorers who hold a degree in conservation and work in the field of the protection of cultural property.
Hungarian Industrial Association by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The Hungarian Industrial Association is a national social organization of employers voluntarily formed by its member associations in order to represent and protect social and economic interests of its members. The Association has the aim to become an organization representing employer's interests of owners of small and medium size enterprises, which is independent of political parties, undertakes significant role in the future economic and social activity of Hungary
National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
During the first ten years of its operation National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ) used to be a representative organization of typically small- and medium-sized, Hungarian majority owned collective enterprises, even though in small number also individual entrepreneurs handling big assets and high business volume, not finding adequate and convenient services and care from the interest representations dealing predominantly with private entrepreneurs, have joined the association. After 10 years of operation significant numbers of foreign, in part or entirely state owned companies have expressed their intention or wish to become member of VOSZ.
Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The origin of the Organisation goes back to 1902, where the first “Federation of Industrialists” (GYOSZ) was formed as a result of a concrete need of an independent body to represent the interests of the industrial sector. In 1948 – similarly to other CEE countries – the organisation was suspended, and could only recover its status and function in 1990. Through its functions of mediating and representing the member interests, the Confederation influences economic and labour policy-making. It represents the interests on a macro level and passes on the proposals worked out by its members. It maintains contacts with the Parliament, the government and state administration and makes every effort to represent the entrepreneurs' interests. It also prepares analyses, expresses opinions and prepares proposals on corporate and the current economic policy concepts.
Association of Hungarian Medical Society by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The Association of Hungarian Medical Society -MOTESZ - was established in 1966 and is the association of professional societies of medical doctors, dentists and of societies of exact- and social sciences related to them. The MOTESZ aims are: encouraging the development of Hungarian Health Care, medical-, dental- and closely related exact and social sciences; representing common interests of autonomous member societies of the association, providing coherent view concerning common efforts; holding together and representing common professional interests at both national and international level, forming and representing a unified opinion in national and international organisations, promoting enforcement of interest of the member societies and of the Association, providing help in legislation relating to medicine and Hungarian medical profession; distribution and protection of scientific and professional education, improving scientific and professional activity and promoting practical adaptation of its results; protection and improvement of the standard of continuous medical education of medical doctors; promoting and co-ordinating the activities of member-societies at association level, handling common problems, promoting solution to them, helping cooperation of member societies, insuring information flow and exchange of views.
Professional Associations by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
People & Society by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
Country Information by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
For the curious
British Council Hungary by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
United Kingdom's international organisation for educational and cultural relations works with Hungarian and British partners to present British learning and creativity. The council promotes UK education, English language and cultural exchange working both for individuals and for the mutual benefit of the UK and Hungary.
Polish Institute in Budapest by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The website aims to provide up to date information about Polish culture, science, education and cultural events organized by the Polish Institute: program, exhibitions, library, language courses.
Hungarian Dance Sport Association by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
Regulations, competitions, ranking lists, competition results, decisions, organization, news, calendar, gallery, votes, newsletter, partner search.
Hungarian Golf Federation by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
Conditions were right for founding the Hungarian Golf Association by 1989. The Association inmediately became a member of the European Golf Association and the World Amateur Golf Council (now the International Golf Association). Further golf courses were opened in Hungary by Birdland Golf & Country Club in Bükfürdő in 1991; by St. Lorence Golf & Country Club in Szentlőrinc in 1992; by Hencse National Golf & Country Club in Hencse in 1994. The latter houses the European Lakes Golf & Country Club, today. It was at this time that the Kisoroszi course was extended to 18 holes. 1997 saw the opening of the Alcsútdoboz-Máriavolgy golf course for Pannonia Golf & Country Club players. The 6th golf course, opened in September 1998, was laid out on the site of the former Tata Zoo and houses Old Lake Golf CIub members. The hitherto suspended Hungarian Golf CIub was reformed in 1951. The Pólus Palace Golf Club course at Göd was opened at the end of 2002. The 7th 18-hole golf course in Hungary was the first to be built on the banks of the Danube.
Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
News, National Team, Borsodi League, InterLiga, History (former Hungarian champions), Ice rinks in Hungary.
Institute for Literary Studies by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
Scope of activities: Research on the history of Hungarian Literature from its beginnings to the present, literary theory, the history of literary criticism, Central and East European literature. Critical editions and source studies in Hungarian and Neo-Latin literature. Editing of reference books and bibliographies. Publishing of the reviews: Irodalomtörténeti Közlemények, Helikon, Literatura, Magyar Könyvszemle, Neohelicon, Camoenae Hungaricae.
Research Institute for Art History by SiteAdmin, last updated: 2007-11-28 05:11
The Institute is a national research centre, its principal task being research into the history, monuments and documents of Hungarian art and art in Hungary from the earliest times to the present day, and also the publication of research materials in this field. In time and space the range of the Institute's activities partly overlap the scope of the collections of Hungarian museums and the objects under the protection of Hungarian building conservation, partly exceed it by focusing on the whole of historical Hungary and the activities of Hungarian artists.