Category: Advertising & Communication

7Field is a media independent and creative driven advertising agency specializing in unusual communication solutions. While the Agency does traditional advertising such as print, outdoor, TV and radio; its speciality is delivering brand new media ideas that are usually more cost effective and more engaging to the customers. This includes ambient, online, media hack ideas and other custom developed solutions. 7Field also provides strategic marketing planning through its sister company Garrison Group and media and production services for a flat fee. 7Field is based in Hungary, but works internationally.

Neo Interactive is an online specialist for all fields of digital advertising: online mediabuying and planning, multimedia design, web developement, online branding, search engine marketing, mobile internet marketing, guerrilla and viral marketing.

Custom made inflatables are a unique and memorable way for you to gain your customers’ attention, promote your product and communicate with your customers. Products: Helium-filled Inflatables, Standard Inflatables, Product Shapes, Inflatable Games, Inflatable Tents, Sky Dancer, Twister / Maxum, Walking Inflatables, Holiday figures.

Once an advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi today is an Ideas Company: providing a broad variety of market initiatives, because in many cases advertising alone cannot achieve clients’ wider objectives. And while a big idea often originates with a TV commercial or a print campaign, it certainly doesn’t have to. With the Ideas Company discipline, Saatchi & Saatchi can convey an idea through whatever combination of media is most appropriate, including non-traditional media. The Company has been in business in Hungary since 1990. Today it is a company of 70 personnel, with yearly billings of 5,3 Billion HUF

Classic advertising: TV, radio, print, outdoor, special/creative media. Action marketing: consumer and trade promotions, direkt marketing/CRM, PR, sponsorship, events. Graphic design: packaging design, corporate design. Interactive: website. Marketing consultancy: strategic planning, disruption, connections wheel.


Co-creativity: Never before have open thinking, open planning, open innovation been more important as a means of unleashing the potential markets and brands. DBB combines talent, expertise, imagination and information for generating ideas that tap into emerging market opportunities create powerful brand platforms design inspired brand experience.

Full service marketing communication activities. Strategic Planning: brand position, image building and planning, research (organizing and execution). Advertising: concept creation, planning and execution of creative materials, ATL and BTL service, direct marketing campaigns, guerilla marketing campaigns. Full service production, media booking, event organization, marketing communication consulting, development and launch of unique communicationi tools and methods, PR consulting.

Café is a company group that delivers communications solutions. It produces communications plans, and implements them. Café is a team that can resolve the dilemmas above: it is able to give the best and the most efficient response in any communications issue. The members of its team communicate individually, and also together, but always along the lines of shared principles, in a single system, and at high standard – on behalf of their clients. Café is none other than a communications coffee shop. And what is a good coffee shop like?

Promo Direct as as a member of the Hungarian Direct Marketing Association offers a full range of services in the areas of direct marketing and market research: Database Marketing, Database Building, Database Management, Direct Mail, Telemarketing.