Category: Packaging

The intention of our company is to fill a leading part in selling exclusive wrapping material. Besides the high quality product line Decopack paid huge attention on unique, aesthetic realization of wrapping such as handmade wrapping, decorative wrapping paper, and gift bags, bags for bottles. The company also undertakes typographical printing on its products (various kinds of printing techniques: i.e. etchwork). The company’s graphic studio does profile designing for companies (logo, company envelopes, and note-paper). Product range includes: Wine racks, Furniture for wine-cellars. Wine and beverage boxes: Wooden boxes, Boxes made of „antique”/period wood, Natural wooden boxes, Special beverage boxes, Paper boxes, Tubes for wines or spirits, Unique boxes. Wine and beverage bags, Gifts, Ornaments, Wrapping paper. The site is also available in Romanian language.

Pressureforming: packaging products, e.g. boxes, jars, dessert inlays for single-time usage, to be used in the food industry, and primarily in the confectioner trade, in cold-buffet kitchens, in catering, and in bakeries, offering a wide selection both in types and in sizes. Vacuum-moulding: housings for industrial instrumentation, parts for the vehicle- and lighting industry, construction-industry and sanitary products, and storing and transport trays for single- and multi-time usage, commodity display parts, bubble- and blister packaging materials for industrial packaging applications. Extruding: shock-resistant polystyrene, PE, PP, and ABS. Injection moulding: their machinery pool has a wide range of closing force and injectable mass, making thus this technology suitable for a very versatile injection moulding production technology.

The continuing goal of AMCO PACKAGING AND CONSULTING COMPANY, LTD. is to transfer modern, cost effective packaging technologies to Hungary and neighboring countries. AMCO, LTD. is representative and sales agent, some on an exclusive basis, of over 40 packaging equipment and materials manufacturers. Scope of activities: Machines: plastic bag and line sealing, shrink-wrapping, sleeve wrapping, stretch wrapping, pallet wrapping and fixation, strapping machines, banding. Supplies: Shrink films, BOPP films, stretch films, blisters, skin film, labels. Services: consultation, service, let machines.