2007. June • 5.

Pressureforming: packaging products, e.g. boxes, jars, dessert inlays for single-time usage, to be used in the food industry, and primarily in the confectioner trade, in cold-buffet kitchens, in catering, and in bakeries, offering a wide selection both in types and in sizes. Vacuum-moulding: housings for industrial instrumentation, parts for the vehicle- and lighting industry, construction-industry and sanitary products, and storing and transport trays for single- and multi-time usage, commodity display parts, bubble- and blister packaging materials for industrial packaging applications. Extruding: shock-resistant polystyrene, PE, PP, and ABS. Injection moulding: their machinery pool has a wide range of closing force and injectable mass, making thus this technology suitable for a very versatile injection moulding production technology.

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