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Visit one of the largest wine cellar labyrinth of the world! Taste about a dozen quality Hungarian wines from several Hungarian wine regions. Have a walk around the amazing 30 km long wine labyrinth, carved deep into a limestone hill with many historic attractions. it has been a constantly working wine cellar for more than 300 years, aging wines from different Hungarian wine regions. See the second largest oak cask in the world, built in 1938 for the 900 hundred years commemorative year of Saint Stephan, first king of Hungary. The cask was blessed by XII. Pius Pope.

A boutique tour company based in Budapest specializing in food and wine tours offering intimate travel experiences, which are the polar opposite of the type of tour where you sit in a bus with little personal contact and no experience with the local culture other than seeing it through the window. Budapest Market Tours: The 19th century Central Market Hall is one of Budapest’s top tourist attractions, even for those who aren’t all that interested in food. Pálinka Tastings: Pálinka tastings in Budapest led by a a pálinka expert/author, Tours and tastings at pálinka distilleries in the countryside. Wine Trips: Two and three day wine trips to some of Hungary’s best wine regions: Villány and Szekszárd; The Northern Trans-Danubian Area, including the regions of Ászar-Neszmély, Pannonhalma, and either Etyek or Tök; Tokaj; Eger; Several distinct regions around Lake Balaton.