2007. October • 17.

The company TIARA TEX was founded in 1989 with the idea of supplying exclusive fabrics for the domestic garment industry. Later dress making was also added to the activities and in 2003 a new showroom was opened. Tiaratex offers the cream of fabrics of leading European textile mills: exclusive fabrics to you from France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Cyprus and the Czech Republic. The materials mainly used are silk, cotton, other natural materials and their mixtures. Various laced, figured and single-coloured textiles from TIARA TEX e.g. shantung, taffeta, satin, duchesse, brocade, velvet, organza, tulle and muslin plain or with pearls/tinsels, as well as embroidered tull. The company’s customers in Hungary are well-known dressmakers, designers, theatres and fashion makers.

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