2010. January • 14.

International accounting firm providing accounting, bookkeeping, auditing and consulting services. International Accounts: Monthly, quarterly and annual reports summarize your company’s financial performance over a specific time period. Accounting and Bookkeeping: From the most basic accounting and bookkeeping services to the most complex ones: cash entries, bank vouchers, incoming and outgoing invoices, pay slips and other financial transactions. Corporate Accounting: MS City Treuhand informs you about all tax contributions, reimbursements and tax accounts. Finance: To meet your financial needs, MS City Treuhand can prepare and analyze cash flows, develop OP-lists, and organize bank transfers. Management consulting services include carrying out finalized business agreements, selecting and implementing standard software, defining the type of enterprise and cost and output analysis. Payroll Accounting: Monthly payroll activities include calculating employees’ social security tax obligations, their pension obligations and the amount of personal income tax to be withheld and declare these amounts to the tax authority. Tax Consulting: ongoing and up-to-date tax consulting for corporate income tax, trade tax, value added tax, income tax and other tax issues.

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