2007. July • 4.

The Information Technology Department of KOPINT-DATORG has been participating in the design and operation of computer systems for state administration organs over the past three decades. KOPINT-DATORG undertakes a wide range of tasks for clients – from definition of the problem to acquisition of suitable hardware and software, application development satisfying specific demands, to actual operation of the system. IT Development and Operation: systems recording and analysing primarily economic processes based on large databases, also providing comprehensive IT supervision and outsourcing operations. Portal Development and Operation: The governmental portal (www.magyarorszag.hu) is edited, operated and developed by the company. Other portals are also used effectively by the corporate, public administration (local governments) and health sectors. Electronic Governmental Backbone Network: Kopint-Datorg operates and improves this modern network, whose primary task is to perform the information data exchange in the central governmental administration.

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