2007. October • 11.

The aim of this site is to document the organisational history of the land forces of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy from just prior to the outbreak of the Great War until the collapse of the monarchy in 1918. The site owner intends to produce as time goes on not only the organisation of the land forces, but also biographies of senior commanders, individual regimental histories and details of particular engagements and battles in the not too well documented Italian, Galician, Carpathian, Rumanian and Serbian theatres of operations. The primary motive for producing a site of this type was to document the largely unknown subject of the Austro-Hungarian forces. Contents of the site: Introduction and Sources, Troops and Units History, Orders of Battle, Orders and Decorations, Badges and Uniforms, Biographies, Engagements and Battles, Gallery and Portraits, The Mexican Adventure, Hungarian-German Military Terms.

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