Collaborative group projects by: Miklos Erhardt, Dominic Hislop & Elske Rosenfeld: Monopoly Rules Iaşi, Klubtours Heide-Nord, Dreigroschenvideo / Threepenny Video, Commonopoly, Protest Songbook, Talking About Economy, Disobbedienti, Random Histories, Knocking on the Palace Door, Re:route, Points of Departure, Big Hope, Germ, Sajat Szemmel/Inside Out. Miklós Erhardt and Dominic Hislop met in Budapest in 1996 and formed the project group ‘Big Hope’ in 1998 based on a mutual interest in discussing strategies of engaging with social issues and communicating with a broader public in art. Together they have worked on a number of internationally exhibited, collaborative photographic, video and mapping projects – often involving certain marginalised social groups, as both project participants and audience. Elske Rosenfeld – artist / anthropologist from Halle, Germany – has joined Big Hope for their recent series of exhibitions.

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