2007. July • 9.

The Bródy Sándor Public Library was founded in 1952 by the fusion of two small libraries. In 1957 the library moved to the storey of the ex Nagypréposti Palota (in English Palace of the Grand Provost) which is one of the most beautiful historic building in Eger.A large development began in the field of information science in 1997, so today the Internet and the computerised catalogue is available for the readers of the library. Today the library has several collections in different points of the city. It has a Children’s Library from 1957 in the Forrás Leisure Centre, a Public Administration Collection from 1976 in the building of the County Hall, a Music Collection from 1970 and a Local Studies Collection from 1981 in the main building and a Foreign Language Collection from 1983 in the building of the House of Arts.

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