2007. July • 6.

The Library of the University of Miskolc has a nationwide scope of activities, is a public and research library. Its duty is to collect and to make available information holdings according to the claims of education and research, especially nationwide in the areas of mining and metallurgy. In the library-building can be found the Selmec Museum Library, the University Archives and the Museum. The central library and the department libraries have holdings up to 900.000 volumes. It is growing yearly by about 12-15 thousands books and other documents. The number of serials is nearly 1000. Collection fields: Engineering (emphasis on mining and metallurgy) and all natural sciences necessary to cultivate these disciplines, Humanities and social sciences (law, economy, pedagogy, sociology, etc.), Disciplines necessary for the education of arts students (history, literary studies and linguistics, foreign languages, psychology, etc).

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