Árpád Forgó – Painter

2009. January • 18.

Árpád Forgó is a Hungarian painter working in Budapest. Nature and natural phenomena has always inspired him the most, though – as he was grown up in the Middle East – meeting decorative and ornament arts had an inevitable effect on his visual approach. Mainly he works in a traditional genre, oil on canvas, but finding his own ways within. Among other materials he mainly uses oil paint, not as a classic painting substance but as a flexibly variable material: creating paint-welts and laying them on canvas is the pragmatic part in the creative process, by which he can develop a personal set-up of the surface of the painting that compels for tactile communication between the viewer and the work on top of the visual perception. Treating a painting as an object, emphasizing the paint’s corporeal manifestation he can perambulate the possible relations of structure, shape, measures, planar and spatial proportions.

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