Educational Centre of the Hungarian Industrial Association

2007. June • 18.

The history of the Educational Centre of the Hungarian Industrial Association (MIOK) dates back almost 30 years, making it one of the oldest educational institutions dealing with adult training in Hungary. Today the Centre specialises in 4 main fields of educational market: adult education, examinations and vocational and high school education. The courses are available in every area of the country. This is made possible by the operational branches placed in 9 county seats in the countryside. Besides the vocational education the Centre also provides almost 700 language courses and 60 other types of training every year. The adult education program is operational in nearly 150 different vocations. Approximately 12,000 people take part in education, further education and training organised by our school in many different vocation branches such as: finance, economics, computer science, trade, catering, tourism, service industry, arts, foreign languages and sports.

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