Garment Trade Training – Cegléd

2007. October • 25.

Bem József Secondary Technical and Vocational School. Vocational Training: After 2 years of foundation education, students take part in a 3-year training in the fields in fashion manufacturing, which involves practical instruction as well as theory. The high number of practical workshops enables them to be able to make skirt, trousers, dress, and jacket. Having obtained their trade certificate, graduates have constant opportunity to find job according to their skills in Cegléd and its neighbourhood. Technician Training: After earning their high school diploma, there is a 2-year training during which students acquire a deeper knowledge of the trade. During practical workshops they learn high quality manufacturing. The coursework prepares them to fill technician positions at any areas of clothing industry. The creative nature of the training is worth to mention, so they can develop their designing and, model drawing skills.

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