Panograph – Panoramic Photo & Immersive Media

2008. October • 29.

PanoGraph Kft. was incorporated in December 2005 as successor to, the leading panoramic and virtual tour provider for the Hungarian market since 2000. PanoGraph presents a series of stunning panoramic images portraying the atmosphere and culture of Hungary and its people as well some some exotic locations around the world. The Company provides state of the art Internet imaging solutions designed to enhance revenues by improving the buying experience and creating more effective web-based presentations. PanoGraph has created a unique process, which includes image capture, editing, stitching, publishing, and display technologies, designed first and foremost to deliver the highest quality panoramic images to our clients with the highest resolution possible. Panograph launched a site called that provides high resolution, high quality inspirational Rights Managed only panoramic stock imagery to professional photo researchers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers.

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