Rákosmenti Waldorf School

The mission of Rákosmenti Waldorf School’s faculty, staff, students, parents and community is to provide education in the spirit of Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf pedagogy founded in 1919. Currently Rákosmenti Waldorf School is an elementary school with grades one to eight. However, the Shool is also working on extending their system to continue education up to grade twelve. The school can be found in a former community centre in the 16th district (called Sashalom), a quiet garden city area of Budapest. The shool’s guiding principles are to assure the physical health and harmonious intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of our students, to foster developing children’s unique talents and qualities as opposed to a mere accumulation of lexical knowledge to make education a unity of nurturing and instruction one of whose key aims is the achievement of responsible human freedom. The site is also available in Swedish and Finnish languages.

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