Carpathian Tours – Australia

2008. April • 17.

Carpathian Tours is a small Australian business specialising in personal attention, cultural interaction, rural communities and ethical travel offering musical journeys through the Hungarian, Slovakian, Romanian & Rom villages of the Carpathians. Hidden away in the villages of Hungary and Transylvania/Romania, this music and dance is still a living culture, but one that you would never find in the concert halls or tourist festivals of the major cities. The tours take you, not to the easily accessible tourist attractions of the major cities, but into the villages themselves. On some evenings you will have a chance to meet the local musicians and dancers over a home cooked meal in the village. On others, enjoy a luscious local meal in a cosy restaurant with an exclusive concert. Travelling from Budapest through Hungary to Transylvania/Romania, Carpathian Tours offer you a unique chance to experience this extraordinary culture in relative comfort. All tours are in English and led by an Australian with ten years experience in the music, culture and travel of the area, accompanied by a local guide.

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