Galut Genealogical Research

2007. October • 10.

Galut Genealogical Research Ltd. provides services to those requiring assistance with problems of genealogy and/or any the related areas. Family tree research – Galut undertakes genealogical research in the territory of historical Hungary. The research concentrates of documents stored in the archives of the target area, libraries and cemeteries. The primary, and therefore the essential source of information is a variety of records and census statistics. Living persons research – the company has unique experience in searching for Hungarian relatives of those who have emigrated. In such cases Galut uses lists of personal details, address books and telephone registers besides the records, censuses and obituaries. Probate cases – Galut Ltd. deals with searching for people whose relatives have emigrated from historical Hungary. With the knowledge of the particular country’s legal system the company identifies the relatives of the deceased who are entitled to inherit and also collects documentary evidence and has it translated if so required. Genealogy tour – visiting any localities of historical Hungary involving you in the following programs: travelling to the former residence of your ancestors, meeting your relatives long time forgotten or never seen, visiting cemeteries.

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