St. Stephen’s RC Magyar Church Passaic – New Jersey

Founding Pastor, Rev. Géza Messerschmidt wrote about a simple, yet vital formula in an August 1903 address to his parishioners: “Religion, homeland, and a Hungarian Roman Catholic church in the United States.” These were the ingredients of an uncertain future, which were mixed to create certain success in an unknown, new world. This community has seen much in the last ten decades: nine pastors, countless baptisms, wedding days, the building of a new school, financial prosperity and the Great Depression, fires, funerals, two world wars, a revolution in Hungary, and thousands of parishioners of all ages who would call this parish their home. Yes, the small group of Hungarian immigrants, who came to this country in the late 1800’s for the chance at a better life, surpassed this dream hundredfold and built their church on a solid spiritual foundation, so strong that it endured its first 100 years.

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