2007. August • 6.

Clothes Clinic — Services for maintaining your wardrobe: alteration, reparation, cleaning of fabric, leather and upholstery. Alteration: Retailoring, Turn-up, Tapering, Enlarging, Shortening, Lowering. Repair: Reline, New zipper, Patching, Stoating, invisible darn, Restoring of old clothes, Repair of tears, Darning. Cleaning: Re-ironing, Cleaning of leather, textiles and fur, Laundering, Bio-laundering, Ironing. Renting Clothes and Accessories — For men: Suit, Tuxedo, Tail-coat, Morning coat, Redingote, Stresemann, Bocskai, hungarian traditional coat. Accessories: Waistcoat, cravat, Necktie, Cummerbund, bow-tie, fancy handkerchief, Suspenders, Kid gloves, Top hat, White scarf, Cuff-links. For ladies: Evening dress, Stole. Tailoring — Men’s wear and women’s wear with acute awareness of contemporary trends of the Italian and French fashion. Collections: Classic, Special, Festive, Wedding, Luxury, Tradional and Party collections. For Companies — The tailor’s workshop also deals with the manufacturing and rent of uniforms, first of all with the creation of company-image suits for owners and executives of a company. Services include: Tailoring of men’s and women’s suits, Made-to-measure shirts and blouses Making ties, scarves, French ties of the same kind, embroidery, Uniform clothes for man and woman colleagues, hostesses, Accessories: scarves, shawls, shawl rings, badges, cuff links, tie pins etc. Tailoring of gowns and long robes. The site is also available in Czech language.

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