2007. June • 20.

Hangvető (SoundSower) is the largest world, revival, traditional and Gypsy music distributor in Hungary today. Founded by three leading labels in this field – Etnofon (the first Hungarian independent folk label), FolkEurópa (Kálmán Balogh, Tükrös, Makám) and X-Produkció (Boban Markovic Orkestar) – it offers more than 150 quality releases of Carpathian and Balkan music. Besides the CDs of the founders Hangvető distributes many other labels: Gramy (including the Best World Music Album Prize winner Djabe), Orpheia (Bea Palya, Folkestra), Murphy Music Media (Etchno, Romano Trip), just to mention a few. They also distribute some of the best selling bands like Besh o droM, Felix Lajko, Muzsikás and Mitsoura.

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