Laserderm provides safe and efficient surgical and cosmetical treatments covering most of the instrumential thearapies at skin surgery, varicose vein therapy and cosmetical surgery: CO2 (carbon dioxide laser) skin surgery, Pulsed-Dye laser vein treatments, Nd:YAG laser hair removal and anti-aging treatments, Botox therapy and wrinkle filling with Restylane (hyaluron acid), too. The equipment of the office is suitable for the ablative or non-ablative treatments of skin deformations and the conservative, injectable, surgical and laser treatments of varicose veins. Laserderm deals with the surgical treatment of lasions which appear on the skin surface, in the skin or just under the skin: benign tumors, cysts or malignant tumors and the laser treatment of vein birth marks, varicose veins, wrinkles and abnormal hair growth.

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