Going for dental treatment abroad? The prices are attractive but it is still a big decision to make. You want to make sure that your treatment is in good hands, you are dealing with highly trained, professional people and you feel totally comfortable throughout the trip. Access Smile is here in the UK for you; a British company based in Leicestershire with strong International links in Budapest, Hungary. Services before you travel: No-obligation consultation with a Hungarian dentist in London, Manchester or Dublin if required or in the Budapest Clinic or detailed treatment proposal, outlining your treatment options and cost on the basis of your OPG or X-ray via e-mail. When you are in Budapest: Personal care from our friendly English-speaking representative who will drive you to and from the airport and your Hotel to the Clinic, be contactable 24 hours a day, provides you with a mobile phone with all the numbers you may need, provide you all the local information on what to see and do, will answer your questions and solve any issues that may arise. When you are back: Free access to aftercare service in the UK, full no hassle guarantee.

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