Dental treatment in Hungary: Where ? In Budapest or in Hévíz. Guarantee ? 5 years guarantee for the fix dental prosthesis, 3 years guarantee for part prosthesises, 5 years guarantee for implantations, 1 year guarantee for total prosthesises. Which are the treatments delivering the best savings ? Bridges and crowns, part and total prosthesises, implantations, savings 70 – 75%. Catering during the treatment period: In case of preparation of crowns and bridges you will miss a few of your masticatory teeth for six days and you will be put on a light diet during this period. Hungary offers you a big culinary choice in this connection, as well: For instance Hortobágyi pancakes (thin omelet stuffed with meat) or in sweet version with marmalade or also with cottage cheese. Traditional bean soup or meat soup, mushroom dishes, Hungarian kettle goulash, etc., yogurt or scrambled eggs for breakfast, etc.

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