Located at one of the nicest spots in Budapest, in the heart of Danubius Thermal Hotel’s International Health Center on Margaret Island, the institution offers state-of-the-art, individualized vision correction services. Focus Medical Ophthalmic Microsurgery and Laser Center has provided surgical interventions for eye problems since 1990. Thousands of people have regained the experience of glasses-free clear vision at the center, and our eyeglass-wearing costumers have left tens of thousands of diopters behind at the clinic. Those who need glasses or contact lenses to see distant objects clearly and would like to get rid of these aids, should consider laser vision correction, if there are no medical contraindications. Based on nine-year experience, tens of thousands of successful treatments and worldwide statistical figures, it can be safely said that laser surgery is successful, even severe refractive errors can be cured or significantly improved.

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