2007. October • 25.

Activist of the Hungarian midwifery movement. Activities include: Translation of the books Homeopathy in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Attending births as a doula, Developing a website on childbirth, Founding member and international correspondent of the Hungarian Association of Independent Midwives, Co-founder and sub-editor of the Hungarian professional magazine „Midwives”, Co-founder (2003) and Deputy Academic Director of the National Institution of Midwifery Education, Hungary, Founder and preceptor of the midwifery practice and Women’s Circle, Attending homebirths as a midwife, Activist of The Week of Birth movement and regular speaker at the annual Week of Birth event series, Organizer and translator of training programs (e.g. AquaNatal instructor training 2004, 2006, various midwifery workshops and talks), co-organizer of conferences (e.g. International Midwifery Conference, Hungary 2002, 2003)

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