Absolute Health Promotion

Hungary is by an outstanding location for improving your health, looks, image and quality of life. The company’s service will put you in touch with the best medical surgeons no matter what your needs are. They can look after everything for you including accommodation, travel and support services. Cosmetic surgery: Liposuction , Face lift , Double chin , Abdomen (tummy tuck) , Nose surgery , Ear surgery (otoplasty) , Eyelid surgery , Hair transplantation , Labial reduction (labiaplasty). Orthopaedic surgery: Knee arthroscopy , Shoulder arthroscopy , Hip replacement , Knee replacement. Breast surgery: Breast enlargement , Breast reduction , Breast lift (mastopexy). Dentistry: Crowns, bridges, veneers , Implants , Root canal treatment , Tooth whitening. Eye treatment: Laser eye treatment , Cataract surgery , Lens implants. Obesity surgery: Gastric balloon surgery , Gastric band surgery. Cosmetic dermatology: Laser skin rejuvenation , Varicose veins.

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