Allianz Hungária Insurance

Allianz Hungária Insurance Co. has developed a comprehensive offering of up-to-date insurance and financial services. Its basic and supplementary insurance policies guarantee overall protection for motor vehicles and passengers. Its home insurance programme has also brought about a change in domestic home insurance services, as it offers insurance coverage for risks that were earlier regarded as non-insurable. The success of Allianz Hungária’s life and pension insurance services is based partly on the international know-how developed by the parent company under various stock exchange and economic conditions in more than 70 countries of operation. The company’s entrepreneurial and agricultural insurance services are comprehensive, keeping pace with the development of the economy. About two-thirds of Hungary’s top 200 corporations have chosen Allianz Hungária Insurance Co. as their (mostly sole) insurer. As an asset manager, Allianz Hungária is also among the most significant participants of the market.

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