Atma Center – Hot Yoga in Budapest

2009. May • 14.

Atma Center offers Agni Yoga (Hot Yoga) classes for beginners and Hot Ashtanga Yoga classes for advanced students. Ayurvedic massage and Astrology consultation are also available at Atma centers in Budapest. The Center offers 90 minute yoga classes in a room heated to 36 degrees and moisture up to 60-70%. The teachers also speak English, so they can guide you through the poses and help enjoying a steaming hot yoga experience. Hot Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic, yet traditional yoga system. It is a demanding workout as well as a flowing meditation of movement and breathing intertwined. Wellyoga classes are designed for those who cannot tolerate the heat of a Hot Yoga class. It is suitable for beginners, or those having some health concerns or those who need special attention.

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