Denis & Focus Dentistry – Mosonmagyaróvár

General solutions — Inlay: long lasting ceramic or golden fillings. They are the most aesthetic and cosmetically suitable. Filling: the colour of the filling will be the same as your tooth’s colour. Bridge: failure of teeth can be covered with a bridge, which consists of crowns. Removeable telescope-prosthesis: the prosthesis is placed on so-called telescope crowns without visible clams. It can be cleaned very well. Removeable full-prosthesis: this can be a solution for a patient, who has lost all his teeth. It has a natural effect and is easy to clean. Post crown: a crown can be placed on the post built into the root canal. Combined prosthesis: It consists of a fixed and a removeable part joined with invisible precision attachment. Dental stone: the unremoved dental stone may cause dental and gingival illnesses. We remove it with ultranosic.

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