Dr. Lányi Cecília – Dermatologist, Cosmetologist

Cosmetology clinic established in 1990, in the first district of Budapest. In the beginning, the major specialization was liposuction by vacuum. Later as technology evolved, in 1995 they began to dissolve the fat by ultrasonic means. Since 1990 the Clinic has also been providing the Ionized Argon Laser treatments. In 1998 they extended the profile of service provided with the addition of epilating with laser and ruby laser treatments. Services include – Liposuction : Fat dissolve through ultrasonic. Ionized Argon Laser: Removing unwanted red and purple blood vessels, superficial teleangiectases on the face and neck, port-wine stains of the legs,vessel dilatations/spider naevi,/. The rosacea also called “brandy blossom”, and some birthmarks like strawberry mark., and other little benign skin lesions can also be treated with argon laser . Argon can flatten/planish the hypertrophic scars called keloid also. Ruby Laser : Laser depilation-hygienic, no pain, long lasting result. Ruby laser can remove the age related pigment spots, liver spots on the face and hands, brown spots which appear after sun-burn. Treatment of dark colored tattoos. Wrinkle Stretch: Wrinkle filling and lip forming by hyaluronic acid- the body’s own material.

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