Ildikó Dunaszegi – Massage – Székesfehérvár

2008. July • 7.

Refreshing massage: Increases the local circulation, reduces the load of the heart by the backflow of venous blood. Anti fatigue massage: Massage therapy does not only refresh the muscles, the skin and the circulation, but it has a wonderful effect on the nervous system, too. Relax: This relaxing massage loosens the tense muscles and calms the nervous system, thus makes the rhythm of the body to slow down. Back massage: Effective remedy for the back pain caused by regular office work or long drives. Full body massage: Effective treatment both for the body and the soul. Honey massage: Removes toxins, reliefs pain, and nerves and boosts the immune system. Child massage: Based on Swedish massage. The treatment is adjusted to the characteristics of the children’s muscles.

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