MEHIB – Hungarian Export Credit Insurance

The Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Pte Ltd. (MEHIB) was established in 1994. The owner’s rights are exercised on behalf of the Hungarian State directly by the Hungarian Privatisation and State Holding Company Ltd. (25%+1 vote) and indirectly by the Hungarian Development Bank Ltd. (75%-1 vote) as a shareholder. The paid-in capital of the company is HUF 4.25 billion. Its business operations are conducted on the basis of the severally amended Act XLII of 1994 and of Government Decree 312/2001 (XII. 28.) as well as on the basis of the Act on insurance. MEHIB’s aim is to share the financial risks of export and inland transactions, to encourage and promote the external economic relations with special emphasis on the exports of Hungarian goods and services, on strengthening the external competitiveness of exporters and on facilitating the credit availability for the exporters.

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