Monarchia Matt International – Winetrade

2007. August • 24.

In 2000, Monarchia Winetrade Ltd (Monarchia Borkereskedelmi Kft) was established with a mission in mind to make high quality wines of the best winegrowing regions in Hungary as widely available as possible to the wine lover clientele at a price commensurate to its value. A knowledgeable wine merchant plays an amplified role by providing the customers with an assortment that portrays a comprehensible and extensive cross-segment of the actuality of Hungarian and foreign wines along with offering an appropriate price proportionate to the quality. In the recent past, Monarchia Winetrade Ltd. has acquired the majority of shares and merged with Matt Brothers, based in New York, importer and distributor of quality wines. The joint company dba. Monarchia Matt International (MMI) follows its predecessor’s path in importing and distributing excellent wines both in the United States and the European Union. As a result, MMI has extended its portfolio including a wide selection of wines primarily from Hungary, Austria, Italy, Spain and the United States.

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