Positron Diagnostics PET-CT Centre

The most important key to successful treatment and cure of cancer is early, reliable and precise diagnosis of the disease. Today, the most effective such diagnostic tool is the PET-CT examination. Older imaging technologies (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT alone) have limitations in diagnosing tumours since they do not provide information on the characteristics of a tumour (malignant or benign). How is PET-CT used for diagnosing cancer: by confirming or ruling out the most widespread malignant diseases, by providing exact localization of tumours, determining their nature and extent prior to surgery, by following up on the effectiveness of treatment. Other uses of PET-CT diagnostic technology: cardiovascular diseases, early diagnosis of coronary disease without cardiac catheterisation, determining viability of myocardium prior to heart surgery, diseases of the central nervous system, early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, localisation of epileptic foci prior to surgery, most reliable identification of recurrences of brain tumours after primary treatment. additional diagnostic services of multislice CT: virtual endoscopy (colon, stomach, oesophagus), virtual bronchoscopy (an alternative of bronchoscopy), CT examinations instead of angiography, native and contrast CT examinations (head, neck, chest, abdomen, small pelvis, extremities). The site is also available in Romanian language.

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