Roxan Fitness Club

ROXAN Wellness centre is located in the inner town of Budapest, near to the Parliament. You will find a naturally designed environment and an agreeable atmosphere, where you’ll feel comfortable as a future fitness client, independently from your stature and appearance. A professional fitness team will do all for you to be able to realise your ideas about your physical and psychological well being. Group exercises services: training bike, pilate, belly dance, spine gym, slide, aerobic, fat burning, dynamic step, endurance step, endurance box, muscular endurance exercise, body forming, round training, fit-ball, total body gym, belly-legs-buttock forming. Individual exercises with fitness machines: body forming (muscular strength development), bodybuilding (muscular mass development), exercise with personal trainer. Other services: infrasauna, solarium, pulse meter insuring, buffet, wardrobe renting, towel using.

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