Balaton Charter – Sailboat Lending & Education

2008. July • 18.

LENDING: The charter sailboats are in the harbour of Siófok. Balaton Charter’s fleet of five sails contains only new Twister 800n. The Twister is an exigent tour sail which can be used ont he whole territory of balaton lake. The great stabiltity of the sail, thanks to the inner ballast, provides the same safety as the sails with keel. The fleet of Siófok has the decal of BAHART which offers a free usage of every harbour on the lake with the following free of charge services: use of toilet and shower, laundry int he club house, kitchen, use of wooden mooring post, water and electricity provision on the jetty, drinking water link up charge, 24 hours harbour master service. EDUCATION for sailboat and cabin cruiser: The practical and theoretical trainigs are disposed in the harbour of Marina Balatonfűzfő. The learners are compartmentalized in groups of 3-5 from beginner to advanced level. The training is emphasized to practice that’s why in our daily program there is 6-7 hours on the water.

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