Budapest Fringe Festival

2007. April • 9.

The Budapest Fringe Festival is a side-runner to the core festival, the Budapest Spring Festival (Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál – BTF). It’s something like a huge Talent Show at the cost of the production price. The role of the Fringe is to gather and in some way support the less known (underground) artists through securing a place for their performance. This movement started out as an initiative from the Scottish Edinburgh International Festival in 1947 and has been a conjunctive program to various international festivals ever since. The essence of the Fringe is that the organizers who have carefully selected the programs for the main festival open a parallel platform for a series of events where all applicants can perform. The festival provides a venue for their performance; however, all other costs are borne by participants. Performers can advertise their show prior and during the festival, creating a busy, colourful and spectacular atmosphere of a “big cavalcade” unique to Fringe Festivals.

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