2007. July • 9.

For the first time in Hungary – Outdoor lasertag (also usable indoors) The first realistic outdoor war game that causes no pain and has zero negative influence on the environment. This is an ideal possibility to play war games for such people who up till now could only play in front of their computer and who fear a real life combat, because at the danger of injuries. The playing field in Szentendre satisfies the needs of very advanced players as well as the expectations of beginners. Over 10.000 m2 large are the specifically adapted building complexes. Besides that there are 7 naturally and artificially built safety walls and dig trenches. Other lasertag field in Fort Monostor has an approx. size of a football field, rectangular form. Typically accomplished Lasertag games: last men standing, capture the flag, saving the hostages, strategy Lasertag.

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