Örökmozgó Filmmuseum

2007. June • 26.

Örökmozgó Filmmuseum has a 90 year old past. The corner of Erzsébet körút and Dob utca saw the opening of Royal Nagymozgó (Royal Great Moving) in 1912 after the conversion of an old butique. It was founded by József Radó, a pioneer in Hungarian cinematography. Cinemagoers had the opportunity to view the most up-to-date adventures and westerns. In 1925, the cinema was renamed Vesta, later Erzsébet in 1942. From 1945 until socialisation, it worked again under the name Vesta, later Pentele for a few years, before being renamed Mátra in the mid-1950’s. It was converted in 1958 and operated under the name Mátra Cinema for Fables and Youth until Örökmozgó Filmmuseum opened on 3 October, 1991.

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