2007. June • 18.

The Course is situated in Mariavölgy, about 30 – 40 minutes from Budapest city centre, on land occupied by the Habsburg family as a weekend retreat around 1845.The approach to the Course and Clubhouse is through a beautiful alley of 200 year old trees. The 18 holes golf course, designed by Austrian Golf Architect G. Erhardt, was opened in June 1997. The fine shaping of the course was carried out by English construction Company, Southern Golf. Golfers can quickly see that great care has been taken by the Architect in imparting his knowledge and vast experience in the beautiful design and condition of the fairways and greens. The complex offers many amenities other than golf. A professional kindergarden service is available on the weekend as well as a playground and a beautiful swimming lake where families can relax. The quality of the Country Club area is up to the highest international standards.The entire project was designed as a place of art and culture 40 kms. from Budapest city centre and is now acknowledged as an outstanding new sports facility in Hungary.

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